Meet the German Startup Scene

Meet the German Startup Scene

It is often said that the Silicon Valley is THE place to be for high tech startups. But after organizing Google Launchpad, a one week pre-incubation bootcamp, I understand why some people disagree and prefer to be in one of the European hubs.

The community is young, fresh, not yet completely streamlined towards fast exits. The startups we invited late september were impressive in their breadth and dedication. Even experienced mentors used to the startup culture in Tel Aviv and the US commented on the maturity even our early stagers showed. Have a look at this 2 minute video and feel a glimpse of the vibe. It’s fun and inspiring at least in my humble opinion (and yes, I admit: we ARE proud of our startups and of a fabulous event :-))

March will be the next one in Germany, this time in Munich. I really look forward to it and wonder how the cultural differences between Berlin and southern Germany play out…

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